Housing Advice

Our Support and Advice Team offer free, impartial and confidential help across the Mid Devon area. 

Tackling Homelessness, Avoiding Evictions, Bringing Hope

We can advise on all housing issues and we work with people who are:

  • Threatened with homelessness
  • Needing help negotiating with their landlord
  • Needing help finding accommodation
  • Those who are working with MDDC or other agencies.
  • Living in substandard or overcrowded accommodation
  • Sleeping rough or on someone’s floor
  • Escaping domestic abuse
  • Living in temporary accommodation
  • Being released from prison, youth offenders’ institution, or discharged from hospital without an address.

When you call we will take some details (name, address, date of birth) and a brief summary of what your enquiry is about. You will be allocated an advisor who will be your main point of contact. Your information is kept safe and secure (more information about that here).

Advice is available in person, over the phone, or by email, and our advisors can act on your behalf, with your signed permission, where necessary.

We can help by:

  • Helping with court paperwork
  • Helping you with Devon Home Choice
  • Working together with other agencies you may be involved in
  • Explaining paperwork you may not understand
  • Helping you find somewhere suitable to live
  • Assisting you with welfare benefits
  • Negotiating with your Landlord
  • Helping you access other services
  • If we cannot help we may be able to put you in touch with someone else who can

We work as a team so we may also be able to help with Tenancy Support or by putting you in touch with our Debt and Money Advisors.

If we are not available you can contact the Mid Devon District Council homelessness team here or contact the national charity Shelter here.

CHAT Devon office

Tel. 01884 255606

Email Us

Please note – we can only provide housing advice if you are currently living, sleeping rough or sofa surfing in the Mid Devon area.