Tenancy Support

Our Support and Advice Team offer free, impartial and confidential help across the Mid Devon area.

Tackling Homelessness, Avoiding Evictions, Bringing Hope

If you are finding it hard to pay your rent, or need some help in your tenancy for any other reason you may benefit from tenancy support.

Our advisors can offer short and long term assistance helping where needed to enable you to make a success of your tenancy.  We can also help you if you have a new tenancy and need some help getting everything sorted. We can support you if you are in social housing, or private rented accommodation and it doesn’t matter if you have worked with us before.

When you call we will take some details (name, address, date of birth) and a brief summary of what your enquiry is about. You will be allocated an advisor who will be your main point of contact. Your information is kept safe and secure (more information about that here)

We work as a team so we may also be able to help with more specific advice about Housing, or by putting you in touch with our Debt and Money Advisors


You can ask for help yourself by contacting us or be referred by another organisation using our Referral Form.

Call 01884 255606 or Email Us

Please note – we can only provide tenancy support if you live in the Mid Devon area.

We are not able to offer a drop in service at the moment, and won’t be able visit you at home, due to the changes we’ve had to make because of Covid-19 so please see here for the best ways contact us

If you are a landlord and feel your tenant may benefit from tenancy support please contact us to discuss this.

The sort of help we can give may include:

•          Helping you understand paperwork

•          Sorting out utilities

•          Making sure all benefits you are entitled to are applied for

•          Completing forms

•          Applying for grants & loans

•          Helping you access appropriate services, such as getting back to                             work or college, or other agencies

•          Accessing services to help manage anxieties or addictions

•          Dealing with your landlord

•          Support and advice at meetings

CHAT advice session