What We Do

CHAT aims to tackle homelessness, avoid evictions and bring hope

The Churches Housing Action Team (CHAT), works across the whole of Mid Devon. We believe that everyone is entitled to decent, secure and affordable housing – somewhere to call home.  All our services are available to anyone in the Mid Devon area.

Housing Advice

People who find themselves homeless or ln inadequate housing are given free, up-to-date advice and are supported to explore ways of changing their circumstances.

Tenancy Support

When individuals or families encounter difficulties with their tenancies, either due to rent arrears or other issues, we can offer guidance and support to address the issues. We can also offer support in starting up a new tenancy.

Debt and Money Advice

This service provides free, in-depth support to those with housing issues who are also struggling to clear debts and manage finances effectively. We run budgeting workshops and have a team of people who can advice and help you take control of your finances.

Food Bank and Fuel Poverty Fund

Thanks to the generosity of local people we house the Food Bank, which is mainly managed by volunteers. This provides vital food and household items to individuals and families experiencing financial hardship. We also manage the fuel poverty fund to help people with Gas & electric. Both of these services are in partnership with other organisations.

The difference we make at CHAT - banner

It is difficult for those who have not experienced homelessness, or been at risk of losing their home, to appreciate the impact that such events have on people. When children are also involved, the practical and emotional effects are multiplied, along with serious impact on family relationships.

That is where CHAT comes in and why our work is vital.

How you can help.

Annual Report

Every year in July CHAT holds its Annual General Meeting where we present our annual report. Members are able to vote and if you are interested in becoming a member please contact us for more information.

You can read our Annual Report here.

CHAT’s debt and money advice service helps people escape from the blight of indebtedness by providing free, unconditional, fully confidential advice and practical support. Our fully trained debt advisers offer advice, specific to each client’s needs, and advisers will give as much time and support as they are able to, in order to help the client become debt free, whilst working towards financial stability. During the advice process, clients will also be taught budgeting and money management skills to ensure they have control over their finances enabling them to remain debt free in the future.

CHAT is a Community Money Advice centre and you can find more information by following this link from their website:

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